Tax and Canadian Citizens
The Canadian government requires a citizen to report his or her income worldwide and to pay income tax based on this. As a Canadian citizen, since you don't have to live in Canada for two of every five years(like landed immigrants), you can reduce your income tax or pay no tax if you can be a non-resident of Canada for tax purposes.

In order to qualify as a non-resident of tax purposes, you must not have any residential ties in Canada. In short, you cannot have

  • a home in Canada
  • a spouse or common-law partner and dependants in Canada
  • personal property in Canada, such as a car or furniture
  • social ties in Canada.
  • a Canadian driver's licence
  • a Canadian bank account or credit cards
  • health insurance with a Canadian province or territory.

Note: You don't need to be a Canadian citizen in order to qualify as a non-resident for tax purposes. However, becoming a Canadian citizen makes it easier to remove residential ties.

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