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Do you have any of the following issues when preparing for your Canadian citizenship test?

  • have difficulty to pass the citizenship test
  • do not have enough time to prepare for it
  • need to save time and speed up your progress
  • want to find out what the real test looks like
  • cannot afford to fail the citizenship test

If any of above items applies to you, please read on ...

You will regret if you do not take a look at our proven practice test package. Some people are telling us that we are giving away too much: "You are almost sending out the REAL test questions!"

In some sense, they are correct. The questions in our practice tests are highly similar to those in the real test. However, just like you, we don't know what questions will appear in the actual test. What we know for sure is a collection of questions with high probability to show up in your test*. These questions are summarized from previous test papers. We compile these frequent questions into our practice test package for users to practise. The moment you get your test paper, you will understand right away how good our practice tests are.

"The questions in your practice tests are almost the same as those in the real test! I finished my test in just 5 minutes. Thank you for providing such an excellent practice for me!"      -- Sherry, Ontario

Our practice tests provide you with a focused list of questions, which represent the minimum knowledge you must have before you take the test. If you don't know the correct answers to all these questions, you are sure to fail the test.

The Canadian citizenship test is a must-pass test in your citizenship application. Failing to pass this test will result in unnecessary delay or rejection of your case. According to the government, about 30% of the applicants failed the test (based on the new book Discover Canada). If you are too busy to prepare for the test, or you are running out of time to memorize the content of the study guide "Discover Canada", you should definitely use our highly focused practice tests.

"I am a business man working overseas. To take the citizenship test, I need to fly back to Canada. I used your practice package to practise on my flight to Canada. It saved me so much time and I passed the test without any difficulties. I proudly tell you that I am a Canadian citizen now! Thank you very much!"      -- Ian, BC

Usually, it takes about a month for an applicant to prepare for the test. During this month, the applicant should spent about 3-4 hours per week in studying the test material, getting familiar with the content, and taking some targeted practice tests. If you want to evaluate your knowledge level, or you want to speed up your progress, our practice tests are the first thing you should use. Most people find our practice test package extremely helpful.

"I would like to express one thing: I have used many things for the test, like Richmond library, Toronto library and many other things, but questions I have got from your test papers were too good (to believe). I have checked and asked many people, it was almost the same as in your papers. I thank you very much for this."         -- Sheikh, Pakistan

"Amazing!! I found that all of the 20 questions of my citizenship test were included on this practice package. It is amazing value for peace of mind. I got my notice to take the oath yesterday! Great help! Highly recommended! "         -- Anna, Canada

You may have seen some practice questions on other websites. However, we are the only website that summarizes and tells you the most frequent questions in the citizenship test. It is like digging the gold out of the sand. If you want the gold instead of the sand, you should get our proven practice test kit right now. (P.S. We are having a special promotion now, please do take a look and check it out.)

canadian citizenship practice test package
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* Based on previous citizenship tests. May not reflect the probability of future tests.

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