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The following content is originally from New Canadian Citizenship Test and used under license.

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Starting from March 15, 2010, the government will use a new book for the Canadian citizenship test. The study guide is called "Discover Canada". Compared with the old study book "A Look at Canada", it has more comprehensive content. If you were studying the old book but you are now required to take the new test(due to change in schedule), here are things in the new book that you should be aware of:

1. More in-depth coverage of the Canadian history. It has a section of more than ten pages of the Canadian history and 4 pages of modern Canada. It describes the Aboriginal peoples, British and French as the founding people of Canada. Canada's role in two world wars is detailed. Many histroic people are introduced so you may have more names to remember before sitting the test. It is interesting to see that the study guide admits the historic wrongdoings of the Canadian government, such as the "Head Tax", wartime wrongs inflicted on Japanese and education of Aboriginal children.

2. The concept of Sovereign is emphasized in the new book. A bill must be finally approved by 'royal assent'.

3. There are wording changes about the Canadian government, though the concepts are mainly the same. In the old book, it states Canada's government has a system of parliamentary government. It is now in the new book as "a federal state, a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy."

4. The section about federal election is mostly unchanged except for the election cycle. In 2007, new laws passed to force a general election at least every 4 years and has a fixed date. The new book reflects this lastest change in legislation.

5. Justice System is the new content not seen in the old book, so you must know about it.

6. Canada Regions are now in more details. The new book covers each province/territory separately. Therefore, you must know at least the region you are in.

7. Canadian symbols now include "Coat of Arm and Motto", honours to Canadians, sports and holidays.

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