Hints on Preparing for Canadian Citizenship Test


1. After reading the guide "Discover Canada", take some practice questions. Our Online Canadian Citizenship Test Practice System is free and it can even provide practice questions based on your province or territory. You can use our Proven Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Package to assist you to memorize the knowledge.

2. Usually, you can always focus on general knowledge of Canada and spend less time on provincial or municipal knowledge. Although the study guide "Discover Canada" suggests you know about the province and local city you live in, the actual test almost contains NO questions specific to a province or a local city.

Reason: It is obvious that the exam paper is generally designed for the country-wide purpose, CIC does not have enough resource to localize the test questions.

3. No need to memorize officers' names other than the PM and the Governor General of Canada.

Reason: The local government officers such as MPs, MLAs are changing quite often, it is hard to update this information in the test paper as frequent as it changes. For example, suppose the MP in a district has changed, and there is a citizenship test the next day. Do you think CIC has enough time to update the question?

So, remember only two names: the PM and the Governor General of Canada. (If you don't know them, I don't think you are qualified as a Canadian. ^_^)

4. In the test, if you see choices like "Canadian Citizens", 95% this will be the correct answer.

Reason: Don't forget the name of the test you are taking. Below is an example:

   Q: Who has the right to enter and leave Canada at will?
      a.  Visitors. 
      b.  British subjects. 
      c.  Landed immigrants. 
      d.  Canadian citizens.
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