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"How soon can my Canadian citizenship application get approved?"
"When can I have my citizenship test?"
"When can I get the response from the case processing center?"


After submitting your citizenship application, you can do nothing except for WAITING. The waiting period could last more than one year. The worse thing is that you cannot know the status of your case. What you are told from the government is that your case is "in process".

People often feel anxious when they are waiting, especially when the progress are unknown. One of the reasons that we set up this case sharing database is to help people sharing the information of the status of their cases. By using this database, we hope you will obtain helpful information from other people's cases.

Help Yourself and Help Others

When you are using this database, please share your case if possible. Your case can help many other waiting people as well. All the listed cases are anonymous and you can remove your case any time you want.

Please review our "Terms of use" and "Privacy Policy" before using the database.

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