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Practice Software of Canadian Citizenship Test

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This software is based on the new study guide "Discover Canada". It helps you prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test. Users can select a practice test containing 5 to 169 multiple-choice questions. After each practice test, you can choose to redo all the incorrect questions. A very good tool to help you memorize the test knowledge.

Free Trial Download or Purchase a Software CD.

Also available Online: Free Canada Citizenship Practice Test

Benefits of using this practice software:
  • Check your answers right after each test and review questions with wrong answers;
  • Redo questions that are answered incorrectly, which shortens your study cycle;
  • Never run into the same test twice because test questions and answers are shuffled randomly;
  • No need to connect to internet. Laptop users can practise wherever they go;
  • Select the number of the questions in the practice test;
  • Get familiar with the multiple-choice format of the test;
  • Practise the test content anytime you like without bothering anyone else;

It is also a good educational software for someone who wants to know more about Canada, such as its culture, history, politics, governments and geography.

Download Instructions:

1. Download the Software! (163KB, for Windows)

2. Run from your local drive. No installation required.


1. On some computer systems, you may get an error saying

  "Can not find DLL file: MSVBVM60.DLL"

You can download the missing file here. Be sure to save it in the same folder you saved the Canadian Citizenship Test Practise Software.

iPhone App: Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

Get Canadian Citizenship Test on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Now! You can use this app on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to practise for your citizenship test any time and anywhere you like. It even provides questions related to your province or territory.

If you have any questions of the registration or download, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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